Mad as hell. Not going to take this anymore!

Notice anything about how people are writing these days? Can’t really put my finger on it. Seems like something’s missing. Not sure what it is.

Think people might be leaving something out. Could be. Must be a reason. Suppose it has something to do with wanting to sound casual. Doesn’t help that most of the writing we read is in the form of comments, tweets, and status updates. Can’t get away from it online.

Read in Brenda Euland’s excellent book If You Want to Write that “writing is just talking on paper.” Girl has a point. Doesn’t have to be too formal to be good, is what she’s saying. Thing is, people freak out when they write. Try to be someone they’re not. Don’t recommend this for anyone. Gotta keep it real. Totally agree with her on that.

Think it’s possible to go overboard on the casualness front, though? Not saying that she’s wrong – should hear the writer’s voice on the page. True that things get out of hand sometimes. Gets annoying at that point.

Got an email not too long ago written in this style; sentences all started with the second or third word. Made me wanna kill the sender. Didn’t do it, though – been friends for years. Just gritted my teeth instead.

Not sure how long this is gonna last. Might be the “new normal.” Can’t stand that term; only one that fits, though. Totally possible that we’re going to lose the first word for good. Going to have to fill it in with your imagination. Don’t wanna imagine that world. Bunch of decapitated sentences running around. Slew of pronouns in a ditch somewhere.

Really need your help with this one. Shame if we all just abandoned the first word forever. Not a bad device to sprinkle in here and there when you write; lends a touch of jocularity. Changes the pace up a bit. Definitely not something we should rely on, though.

Gets really, really annoying.


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