This is the world of Levi Strauss and Fritz Maytag. Ferraris and beach cruisers. Massaman curry. Iced coffee. Idiot Wind. Topless beaches XO. Champagne. Yuengling. Ryan Adams lives here, and so does Tim Kreider. Van Gogh. R. Crumb. The genius of man. Exhaustion. Sweat. Jim Harrison and Steve Jobs. Mr. Show with Bob and David.  The New River Gorge bridge. Sean Brock. Hitchens. Gary Danko. Infinite JestThe Catcher in the Rye. OK Computer. Steam Beer. The Boss. Shiny captoe shoes and slim suits. North by Northwest and JFK. The Usual Suspects. Emil Erwin and Louis Vuitton and- yep- Kanye fucking West. Riesling. Hash browns with a bleeding  poached egg. Raisiny California Zinfandel. Cold Roses. Dudamel and Keflizighi. Road trips and Dogfish Head. Chimay. Taleggio. The Hobie Cat. Dry-aged beef. The highest common denominator. The Onion. The Rose Bowl. The Wire. Amazing weirdos. Tom Waits. Tom Colicchio. Reclaiming "amazing." In N Out. 29ers. Double Rainbow- the guy, and the ice cream. Shit that makes you cry. The Fat Darrell. Imogene and Willie. Thunder Road. Inspired. The Gibson Hummingbird. Darrell Scott. PB&J on soft bread. Black coffee. The Oatmeal. Work. Sleeping in. Vitamin D. The War of Art. Tesla and Musk. Tom Waits- again. Martha. Cash. Happy hour. Marathons. Paul Theroux and Dan Wilson. The Atlantic. Tailgating. Bowl Week. Errol Morris.

Don't be bored.