The last post was such a rambler, I thought I would spare you today. Just the facts, man:

Yesterday was my last chemo treatment. I will feel terrible this weekend, but when I improve, it won't be just to get poisoned again. However, radiation is coming up in a few weeks, so I'm not dancing a jig just yet. That's my known unknown, now.

PET and CT scans scheduled for Monday, May 19. Visit with Dr. Morgan as well as Dr. Tenenholtz (my radiation oncologist- you'll probably be hearing more about this guy starting soon) on Wednesday, May 22.

Man, it's a big week- I also have an appointment with Dr. Bloch, my infectious diseases doctor, on May 22. Remember the aspergillus that actually brought me into the hospital to kick this whole thing off? Well, I have been on Voriconazole this whole time, so hopefully I'm all good now and I can quit that. The scans will tell.

I also have a dentist appointment coming up in June.

Here's a hasty slideshow I put together, with Caitlyn's help and some of her photos.